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Cbse | Syllabus | Ncert | Solutions | Class 12 Biology

Cbse | Syllabus | Ncert | Solutions | Class 12 Biology

Class 12 Biology Ncert Solutions

Cbse Syllabus based Ncert Solutions for Class 12 Biology includes all the questions provided in NCERT Books for 12th Class Biology Subject. Here all questions are solved with detailed explanation and available for free to check.

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Biology
Book: National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT)
Board: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
Class: 12th
Subject: Biology
Medium: English

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Biology (Chapter-Wise)

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Biology are given below for all chapter. Select chapter number to view Ncert book Solutions chapter wise.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Biology

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Biology

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Biology - Chapter-Wise


Chapter 1 Reproduction in Organisms

Chapter 1 of Class 12 Biology talks about types, modes and the process of reproduction in different organisms. The chapter also mentions asexual reproduction, sexual reproduction, pre-fertilization events, fertilization, and post-fertilization events etc.

Chapter 2 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

Chapter 2 of Class 12 Biology is a combination of four chapters and holds a weightage of fourteen marks in 12 board examination. It is indeed a very important chapter if a student wishes to score high marks in Biology exam.It talks about the structure, morphology, and process of sexual reproduction in flowering plants.

Chapter 3 Human Reproduction

Chapter 3 of Class 12 Biology teaches students about the human male and female reproductive system. Diagrams, illustrations, flowcharts, and easy language makes this chapter comprehensive and easy to learn.

Chapter 4 Reproductive Health

Chapter 4 of Class 12 Biology is one of the highest-scoring chapters and focuses on the issues of the significance of reproductive health and the methods to achieve it. It also talks about maternal health and the health of the child during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy periods.

Chapter 5 Principles of Inheritance and Variation

Chapter 5 of Class 12 Biology basically revolves around Genetics and Evolution.Similarity and variation between the parents and offspring are discussed in this chapter. Mendel”s law of inheritance, the inheritance of one gene, the inheritance of two genes, sex determination, mutations, and genetic disorders are the main topics discussed here.

Chapter 6 Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Chapter 6 of Class 12 Biology is a highly scoring chapter. In this chapter, very simplified diagrams are given to understand all the structures of DNA,RNA, the process of replication, etc.

Chapter 7 Evolution

Chapter 7 of Class 12 Biology revolves around topics related to the origin of life and the evolution of life forms or biodiversity on planet earth.

Chapter 8 Human Health and Disease

Chapter 8 of Class 12 talks about Biology Health, maintenance of optimum health, diseases, types, treatment and prevention, immunity, and its types and address some diseases such as AIDS, cancer, and adolescent issues.

Chapter 9 Strategies for Enhancement in Food Reproduction

Chapter 9 of Class 12 Biology deals with biological principles applied to animal husbandry and plant breeding that have a major role to increase food production. Several new techniques like embryo transfer technology and tissue culture techniques that play a pivotal role in further enhancing food production are discussed in this chapter.

Chapter 10 Microbes in Human Welfare Solutions

Chapter 10 of Class 12 Biology talks about Microbes which are also referred to as micro-organisms or microscopic organisms as they can only be seen under a microscope. Being tiny living creatures, they are invisible to the naked eye and are present all around us, in air, water, soil and so on.

Chapter 11 Biotechnology: Principles and Processes

Chapter 11 of Class 12 Biology deals in in-depth study of principles and processes involved in biotechnology.

Chapter 12 Biotechnology and its Applications

Chapter 12 of Class 12 Biology talks about how human beings have used biotechnology to improve the quality of human life, especially in the field of food production and health.

Chapter 13 Organisms and Populations

Chapter 13 of Class 12 Biology Textbook talks about Organisms and Populations. In this chapter, students will get to explore ecology at the organismic and population level. Important topics are organisms and their environment, niche, major abiotic factors affecting the organisms and its environment such as temperature, water, light, soil, etc.

Chapter 14 Ecosystems Solutions

Chapter 14 of Class 12 Biology Textbook talks about Ecosystems, which can be visualized as a functional unit of nature, where living organisms interact among themselves and also with the surrounding physical environment.

Chapter 15 Biodiversity and Conservation

In CBSE NCERT Solutions for this chapter, students will learn about the importance and significance of biodiversity, its types, patterns, evolution, degradation, and conservation.

Chapter 16 Environmental Issues

Chapter 16 in Biology talks about the problems that are posing a threat to the ecological balance in nature such as pollution, global warming, deforestation, etc. and how they can be controlled. This chapter also covers the effects of pollution on human life and how it is affecting human life.

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